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Sonja Yli-Kahila - Health Coach
Hi - I'm Sonja and my mission is to help you achieve your health goals and to sustain a long-lasting transformation in your health and well-being. 

Many of us have a vision for our health that we are not completely living. We may start making changes in our life towards this goal, but many of us struggle to make that change long-lasting and to create a life-long transformation in our health and our bodies.

I believe that we all have the ability to achieve our health goals for the long-term. This starts with learning to appreciate ourselves as we are and where we are at and moving forward with positive momentum. Letting go of fear and of the feeling that we need to do things perfectly is another step in this process. 

As a health coach, I guide you through this process - step by step- so you can achieve your health vision and make your vision a reality - for the long term. 
What can you Achieve? 

As a health coach and nutritionist, I can help you to: reach your ideal weight, have beautiful healthy skin, gain total body confidence, and heal your digestion and your gut so you can feel energized by your health and look and feel better than ever. 

Working with me will enable you to: 

  • Trim inches off your waistline and meet your goal weight
  • Have the energy to focus on the goals you've been putting off
  • Have the energy to chase after your kids 
  • Heal acne and skin blemishes
  • Resolve digestive upset and feel truly healthy 
  • Feel confident and love the body you are in 
  • Reduce your stress and learn how to truly relax and calm your body and mind

Are you ready for a Transformation?

  • Are you frustrated with your weight, and unable to reach your ideal body weight? 
  • Are you tired of trying different diets or weight loss programs, with little success?
  • Do you want to stop beating yourself up for not being able to lose weight?
  • Do you want to learn how to embrace yourself and your body as you lose weight? 
  • Are you tired of slogging it out at the gym and not achieving the results you want? 
  • Have you been putting your life on hold - holding off on your goals until you lose weight? 
  • Are you overwhelmed with all of the diets, approaches, programs and don't know what to do next? 

  • Are you frustrated with your skin and still having to cover up acne as an adult? 
  • Are you embarrased by your skin blemishes and tired of not feeling comfortable in the skin you are in?
  • Do you feel stressed and unable to relax? 
  • Are you struggling with digestive upset? 

If any of these fit your situation - don't give up yet - there IS a solution that takes into account your unique situation and enables you to achieve your health goals, including weight loss, through positive changes. 

I can help you: 
  • Feel confident in your body and truly embrace yourself fully 
  • Achieve the body you desire 
  • Stop hiding because you are embarrassed by your body or your blemishes
  • Learn how to relax and decrease your stress response in minutes 
  • Stop saying 'no' to life or to experiences presented to you because of your weight or body image, and start saying 'yes'!  
  • Heal you gut from digestive upset
  • Learn how to truly love your life and develop a greater appreciation for life

Let your true self shine and embrace the possibility of stepping into a new you that is no longer held back by fear, doubt, or negative thoughts.
  • Imagine feeling healthy and confident in your body and no longer feeling self-conscious about your image in public. 
  • Imagine having a desire to eat healthy foods because of how great they make you feel - and not from a place of deprivation and dieting.
  • Imagine making food decisions that support your health, are delicious, filling and no longer being driven by your cravings.
  • Imagine being able to enjoy your favorite foods - as part of a balanced diet, without gaining weight.
  • Imagine living a longer and healthier life and having more time to spend with loved ones, while feeling healthy and being able to pursue your passions. 
Imagine all the benefits to your life if you take the first step to reclaiming your health and your self.  

Do you want to take control of your health and learn how you can live your healthiest life? If so, sign up for a FREE Strategy Session to identify your vision to powerful health, and explore what’s been stopping you or keeping you from your ideal health.

 How Do I Get Started? 

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